Reverse Instruction: Dan Pink and Karl’s “Fisch Flip”

I first learned of the term, reverse instruction,  right here at Connected Principals, in a comment John Sowash provided on my blog post about Khan Academy.  (I appreciate John’s teaching me greatly, and I am so happy the way Connected Principals is providing me so much learning!)   John then went on, after his comment on my post, to write a very fine piece on Reverse instruction on his own blog. If kids can get the lectures, can get the content delivery and skill modeling as well (or often better) by computer lecture than in person, why do we have use precious class-time for this purpose?  Why do we, in the status quo,  replicate in person in our classrooms what is easily available elsewhere, the content delivery/skill modeling, and then have kids apply their learning to difficult problems at home, without us there to help?


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