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Ferramentas para o ensino digital

Ler Mas sou otimista. Muito otimista. Acredito sinceramente que a maioria das tecnologias que nos tornam nerds podem ser usadas, sem muito esforço, para construir a escola do futuro. Apresento a seguir 40 ferramentas, a maioria gratuitas, que podem ser … Continue reading

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Breaking down the digital walls: learning to teach in a post-modem world

Read This book walks us through specific efforts by the authors to integrate Internet technology into their classroom teaching, but what clearly galls both of them is that deeper questions about how to properly educate students are getting lost in … Continue reading

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Can IC-Technology End Poverty?

Read The problem is that ICT4D assumes the very results it seeks to achieve. The human intent and competence ICT4D aims to generate must already be in place for the technology to work. But if developing economies had the capacity, … Continue reading

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33 Essential Resources for Developers & Designers

Read Below, we’ve assembled 33 of our favorite resources since January and separated them into three easily digestible lists: inspiration, design and development.

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Gaining Authority in the Age of Digital Overload

Read “The reality is, there’s too much content and not enough time,” says Rubel. “More content will be created today than existed in entirety before 2003.” With limited time and attention spans, people are experiencing information overload as well as … Continue reading

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