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Toward Peeragogy

Here, in a continuing series, Howard Rheingold reflects on his ongoing experiment in high-end, peer-to-peer, global learning via the internet and social networks. The more I give my teacher-power to students and encourage them to take more responsibility for their … Continue reading

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E-Learning Generations

The theme I would like to explore today concerns the growth and development of our idea of online learning, or as it is sometimes called, e-learning. What I would like to do is to describe a series of ‘generations’ of … Continue reading

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Factory@Home – The Emerging Economy of Personal Manufacturing

This report outlines the emergence of personal manufacturing technologies, describes their potential economic and social benefits. Personal manufacturing machines, sometimes called “fabbers,” are the pint-sized, low-cost descendants of factory-scale, mass manufacturing machines. Personal-scale manufacturing machines use the same fabrication methods … Continue reading

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