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Envisioning Post-Campus

Overall, I think it’s very clear that people will have more opportunity to access education, but much less clear how that education will translate into opportunity, particularly for those who weren’t born to successful, educated parents. And except for a … Continue reading

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The Future Now: Las Indias

In this interview, Shareable publisher Neal Gorenflo, John Robb of Global Guerrillas, and P2P foundation’s Michel Bauwens talk to David de Ugarte, one of the originators of the Spanish cyberpunk scene about his more recent work developing a multinational worker … Continue reading

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Research Paper 2.0

Wikis are a great tool for student projects. Teachers often think of them when they want students to do something collaborative, but, wikis are also a great tool for individual work; particularly for research papers. Working in a wiki makes … Continue reading

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China’s Connectivity Revolution

Long the most fragmented nation on earth, China is being brought together like never before by a new connectivity. Its Internet community is expanding at hyper speed, with profound implications for the Chinese economy, to say nothing of the country’s … Continue reading

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Internet Freedom Fighters Build a Shadow Web

Governments and corporations have more control over the Internet than ever. Now digital activists want to build an alternative network that can never be blocked, filtered or shut down. The Internet was designed to be a decentralized system: every node … Continue reading

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Research publications on Massive Open Online Courses and Personal Learning Environments

People interested in Massive Open Online Courses will probably be aware of the research by Helene Fournier and me on Personal Learning Environments and MOOCs. We carried out research in the MOOC PLENK2010 (The MOOC Personal Learning Environments Networks and … Continue reading

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GoSoapBox – Hear what your students are thinking

GoSoapBox is used during class to break down participation barriers, keeping students engaged, and giving teachers insight into student comprehension that was never before possible. Students and teachers join a GoSoapBox event through their laptops, smartphones, or tablets, and interact … Continue reading

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32 Ways to Use Google Apps with Higher Ed Students

32 Ways to Make Your Life Easier With Apps! Read

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