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Preparing for the Digital University

A review of the history and current state of distance, blended, and online learning. The articles presented in this report provide an overview of research literature in: • Distance education • Blended learning • Online learning • Credentialing • MOOC … Continue reading

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Learning Innovation: A Framework for Transformation

Learning with and through technological enhancements operates in a landscape unrecognisable only a few years ago. Focussing on Higher Education, this article shows how to capture and model complex strategic processes that will move the potential of online and blended … Continue reading

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The Flipped-Classroom Approach: The Answer to Future Learning?

The study examines students’ assessments of the use of the flipped classroom approach in an undergraduate course in the Business Department at the College for Academic Studies in Israel. In its essence, learners prepare for classes by watching videos away … Continue reading

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Movenote – Presenting ed documents with Video

Movenote is a one-of-a-kind video presentation tool online and on your portable devices. Movenote is incredibly versatile and is being used in education for blended and flipped learning and in everyday messaging. Recording your presentations is easy and quick and … Continue reading

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Designing for Learning in an Open World

The Internet and associated technologies have been around for almost twenty years. Networked access and computer ownership are now the norm. There is a plethora of technologies that can be used to support learning, offering different ways in which learners … Continue reading

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The Social Nature of Classrooms with Blended Courses

As Moore noted, blending face-to-face meetings with some form of mediated instruction is certainly not a new concept in higher education; but as technology facilitates ever increasing channels through which learning communities can interact, the advantages that this classic model … Continue reading

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How Online Innovators Are Disrupting Education

As Clayton Christensen and Michael Horn argued in Disrupting Class, insufficient money, the teachers’ unions, and large classroom size, all relevant issues, are not the root cause of our schools’ troubles. The real problem lies in the effects standardized education … Continue reading

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Open Educational Resources and the Role of the University

Read Open Educational Resources (OER) have become an unstoppable development since MIT started publishing educational resources online as OpenCourseWare (OCW) in 2001. Four years ago, the OCW Consortium was founded, and more that 250 institutions have since joined. The OCW … Continue reading

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Recording can improve a bad lecture! 7 surprising facts about recorded lectures

Read Universities churn out lectures by the thousands, yet academics, even academics who support the use of technology in education, often go completely gaga when you even dare to question their pedagogic worth. ‘Lecturers’ will go to any lengths, apart … Continue reading

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Blended approach extends reach

Read The lines between traditional face-to-face teaching and traditional distance learning programmes are blurring and “blended learning”, combining virtual with face-to-face teaching, is the latest buzz phrase. One of the biggest developments over the past year has been the launch … Continue reading

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