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Computers Are Taking Design Cues From Human Brains

New technologies are testing the limits of computer semiconductors. To deal with that, researchers have gone looking for ideas from nature. We expect a lot from our computers these days. They should talk to us, recognize everything from faces to flowers, … Continue reading

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Cognition Beyond the Brain: Computation, Interactivity and Human Artifice

Cognition Beyond the Brain challenges neurocentrism by advocating a systemic view of cognition based on investigating how action shapes the experience of thinking. The systemic view steers between extended functionalism and enactivism by stressing how living beings connect bodies, technologies, … Continue reading

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The Internet Has Become the External Hard Drive for Our Memories

For millennia humans have relied on one another to recall the minutiae of our daily goings-on. Now we rely on “the cloud”—and it is changing how we perceive and remember the world around us. Remembering is traditionally a social enterprise. … Continue reading

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The Brain Guide to Understand the Future Internet

What can the human brain and its relationship to the Internet tell us about our society, our technologies, and our businesses? A lot, as it turns out. The Internet today is a virtual replica of the brain, and the networks … Continue reading

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Mind Change: How Digital Technologies are leaving their mark on Our Brains

In Mind Change, Susan Greenfield discusses the all-pervading technologies that now surround us, and from which we derive instant information, connected identity, diminished privacy and exceptionally vivid here-and-now experiences. In her view they are creating a new environment, with vast … Continue reading

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Effects of Internet use on the Adolescent Brain

Twenty-five years have passed since the invention of the World Wide Web changed society by allowing unfettered access to the Internet. How this technological revolution has affected brain development continues to be an open question. There is particular concern about … Continue reading

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The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains

Carr expands his argument into the most compelling exploration of the Internet’s intellectual and cultural consequences yet published. As he describes how human thought has been shaped through the centuries by “tools of the mind”—from the alphabet to maps, to … Continue reading

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