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From remote-controlled to Self-controlled Citizens

The digital revolution will make data abundant and cheap. Moving from a time of darkness into a digital age with information overload, we will need suitable filters. However, those who build these filters will determine what we see. This creates … Continue reading

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Citizen Empowerment through Collaborative Sensemaking

In the past crisis sensemaking activities have primarily been controlled by professional emergency responders and the media. Social media, however, has the potential to see a shift towards more grassroots and ad hoc citizen engagement. This paper sets out our … Continue reading

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Participatory Approaches to Science and Technology – Representing Diversity in Participatory Approaches

This policy brief critically examines recent thinking and practice on the issues of representation and public participation, especially in the area of science and technology. We use the term ‘deliberative panels’ to refer to a range of approaches and initiatives … Continue reading

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The Citizens Media – Giving people means to help themselves

The global economy is slowing down. Opportunities created through advancing technologies and social networking are changing our world. However only 30% are online and the wealth gap is getting wider. By creating a new  environment for impacting change,   The Citizens … Continue reading

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