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Students are Better Off without a Laptop in the Classroom

Regardless of the reason for internet use during class, it is clear that students are not experiencing the oft-touted benefits of laptop use in class. They spend minimal time accessing supplemental course material or surfing the web for content related … Continue reading

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Classroom in the Cloud: Innovative Ideas for Higher Level Learning

Get your head in the cloud! In this easy-to-use primer, the author of bestseller Going Google teams up with Twitter’s The Nerdy Teacher to demonstrate how cloud-based instruction can work for your school. With cloud computing, students connect with teachers, … Continue reading

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Teaching and Digital Technologies: Big Issues and Critical Questions

Teaching and Digital Technologies: Big Issues and Critical Questions helps both pre-service and in-service teachers to critically question and evaluate the reasons for using digital technology in the classroom. Unlike other resources that show how to use specific technologies – … Continue reading

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Education Needs a Digital-Age Upgrade

The contemporary classroom, with its grades and deference to the clock, is an inheritance from the late 19th century. During that period of titanic change, machines suddenly needed to run on time. Individual workers needed to willingly perform discrete operations … Continue reading

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The Social Nature of Classrooms with Blended Courses

As Moore noted, blending face-to-face meetings with some form of mediated instruction is certainly not a new concept in higher education; but as technology facilitates ever increasing channels through which learning communities can interact, the advantages that this classic model … Continue reading

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GoSoapBox – Hear what your students are thinking

GoSoapBox is used during class to break down participation barriers, keeping students engaged, and giving teachers insight into student comprehension that was never before possible. Students and teachers join a GoSoapBox event through their laptops, smartphones, or tablets, and interact … Continue reading

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Teaching with social media in classroom settings – Top ten practices from teachers around Europe

This brochure presents the 10 best practices from the “Teachers’ competition for social media use in formal language learning contexts”, run throughout 2011. Now that we have highlighted current good practices through the competition, this special publication is about to … Continue reading

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Technology Integration Matrix

The Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) provides a foundation for professional development for technology integration and a common vocabulary for talking about effective uses of technology in teaching and learning. The original 2005-2006 TIM included fifty example video lesson plans. The … Continue reading

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Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology: The Digital Revolution and Schooling in America

The digital revolution has hit education, with more and more classrooms plugged into the whole wired world. But are schools making the most of new technologies? Are they tapping into the learning potential of today’s Firefox/Facebook/cell phone generation? Have schools … Continue reading

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TeamUp – Form teams based on skills and interests, record teams’ progress

Read TeamUp helps teachers to form teams based on the skills, strengths and interests of learners. Learners can suggest topics for teams and vote on them. TeamUp forms teams that will satisfy the needs of both learners and teachers.

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