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Technology Enhanced Learning: A-Z of apps

Here are some apps and online tools we think you might find useful in your teaching and/or learning. We have included information about availability on iOS, Android, and the web, however, some apps are also available on additional platforms. All … Continue reading

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Conversational Coherence in Instant Messaging and Getting Work Done

This paper explores the critical role conversational coherence plays in facilitating the ongoing, distributed work of one virtual team as they engage in instant messaging (IM) conversations to communicate, coordinate, and collaborate. In studying the IM conversations of team members … Continue reading

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Conversational Coherence: Using Email Threads to Coordinate Distributed Work

This paper explores the central role of conversational threads in facilitating the ongoing, distributed work of one virtual organization. In studying the electronic mail exchanges of organizational members during one year, we found that they engaged in a range of … Continue reading

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Citizen Empowerment through Collaborative Sensemaking

In the past crisis sensemaking activities have primarily been controlled by professional emergency responders and the media. Social media, however, has the potential to see a shift towards more grassroots and ad hoc citizen engagement. This paper sets out our … Continue reading

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Network Effects on Scientific Collaborations

The analysis of co-authorship network aims at exploring the impact of network structure on the outcome of scientific collaborations and research publications. However, little is known about what network properties are associated with authors who have increased the number of … Continue reading

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A Small World of Citations? The Influence of Collaboration Networks on Citation Practices

This paper examines the proximity of authors to those they cite using degrees of separation in a co-author network, essentially using collaboration networks to expand on the notion of self-citations. While the proportion of direct self-citations (including co-authors of both … Continue reading

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Toward Peeragogy

Here, in a continuing series, Howard Rheingold reflects on his ongoing experiment in high-end, peer-to-peer, global learning via the internet and social networks. The more I give my teacher-power to students and encourage them to take more responsibility for their … Continue reading

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Conceptboard – Realtime Teamwork & Collaboration Software

Realtime teamwork on thoughts and documents. Share and discuss your content in seconds with colleagues, customers & friends. Whiteboard. An almost infinite amount of space for all documents, sketches and memos. And everything at one glance! Task management. Assign tasks … Continue reading

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Using mLearning and MOOCs to understand chaos, emergence, and complexity in education

In this paper, we look at how the massive open online course (MOOC) format developed by connectivist researchers and enthusiasts can help analyze the complexity, emergence, and chaos at work in the field of education today. We do this through … Continue reading

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Confluence Atlassian – Content and Social Collaboration Software

One place online for teams to collaborate and capture knowledge – create, share, and discuss your files, ideas, minutes, specs, mockups, diagrams, and projects. A powerful rich editor, integration with Office and JIRA, and hundreds of add-ons help teams create … Continue reading

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