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A pedagogy of abundance or a pedagogy to support human beings? Participant support on massive open online courses

This paper examines how emergent technologies could influence the design of learning environments. It will pay particular attention to the roles of educators and learners in creating networked learning experiences on massive open online courses MOOCs. The research shows that … Continue reading

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Sage at the Side

A number of years ago, I wrote an article talking about how we might go beyond our current ‘apart’ learning experiences.  The notion is what I call ‘layered learning’, where we don’t send you away from your life to go … Continue reading

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Emergent Learning and Learning Ecologies in Web 2.0

In this paper we argue that it might be useful for educational institutions to actively explore alternative frameworks such as complexity theory, communities of practice, connectivism, and the underlying threads of  emergent learning to inform their planning and strategy. We … Continue reading

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An Interview with Stephen Downes

Listen Discussion with the hosts of Ed Tech Crew about the nature of MOOCs, how they work, connectivism, open source and open licensing, and the rest of it.

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Elements of Connectivism

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Connectivism & the Relationship Era

Read Connectivism is an emergent theory for learning that aptly came out in the relationship era. During the information age going into the knowledge era, about a decade ago, finding the right information as well as finding the right knowledge … Continue reading

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Connectivism: Design and Delivery of Social Networked Learning

Read New technologies that influence how information is created and shared and how people connect and socialize hold promise for adoption in education. The implications for education are significant. Educators have explored the role of the Internet as a research … Continue reading

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Connective Learning: Challenges for Learners, Teachers, and Educational Institutions

Read Connective learning is the main way humans have always been learning so it cannot be challenged. However, connective learning in a digital world that hugely increases the number of possible connections does pose several challenges to learners, teachers, and … Continue reading

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