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Knowledge and Creativity in Digital Society

This work deals with the topic of creativity understood as a complex path carried out along all lifetime and that cannot be attributable to the mere accumulation of concepts. The changing social scenario promotes the dimension of the possible, the … Continue reading

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Os Alunos amam Programar, Criar e Construir

Sou professor de robótica em vários colégios particulares do Recife, Pernambuco. Sempre notei que, no início das atividades, o encantamento dos alunos é evidente. Para tornar as aulas vivas, sempre procurei manter um clima de desafios em aula, criando pequenas … Continue reading

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A Creative Thinking Approach to enhancing Problem Solving Performance of University Students

Along with the advancement of information and communication technology, researchers have pointed out the necessity and challenges of developing effective instructional strategies to enhance students’ web-based problem-solving performance, which refers to the ability of investigating a series of related problems … Continue reading

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How digital tools illuminate art, music, and creativity

This month, in our article, “Literature by the Numbers,” we introduced you to scholars using digital tools to uncover fresh historical and critical insights into fiction, poetry, and plays. To the chagrin of their old-school colleagues, the IBM Watson-era scholars … Continue reading

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A social creativity app – Scoot & Doodle

Inside our first collaborative studio, Scoot & Doodle on G+ Hangouts, young people connect face-to-face, teaming up with others to tackle creative challenges, draw, tell stories, do homework and collaborate on projects in real-time. All this is done while naturally practicing … Continue reading

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Toontastic – Play, Create and Learn

Designed in partnership with Stanford’s Graduate School of Education and Zeum: San Francisco’s Children’s Museum, Toontastic inspires the artist and writer in every child while teaching key storytelling principles that help to promote Creativity at a young age. Toontastic’s drawing … Continue reading

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Creativity and Distributed Intelligence

There is overwhelming evidence that research on creativity should be grounded in the basic assumption that power of the unaided individual mind is highly overrated. Although creative individuals are often thought of as working in isolation, much of our intelligence … Continue reading

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Understanding, Fostering, and Supporting Cultures of Participation

The current mind-set about learning, teaching, and education is dominated by a view in which a supposedly all-knowing teacher explicitly tells or shows unknowing, passive learners something they presumably know nothing about. A critical challenge is to reformulate and reconceptualize … Continue reading

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Social Creativity – Exploiting the Power of Cultures of Participation

Social creativity and cultures of participation are facilitated by meta-design that allows stakeholders to act as designers, contributors, and decision makers in  personally meaningful activities.   This paper defines conceptual frameworks  and briefly describes  different applications  contexts  in gaining a deeper … Continue reading

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Are they Students or are they Innovators?

I’ve always been interested in inquiry based learning and the opportunities that providing different spaces or different tools can do for expanding outside of normative ways of classroom production. What are the connections between social affordances and identity and learning? … Continue reading

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