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Crowd synthesis: extracting categories and clusters from complex data

Analysts synthesize complex, qualitative data to uncover themes and concepts, but the process is time-consuming, cognitively taxing, and automated techniques show mixed success. Crowdsourcing could help this process through on-demand harnessing of flexible and powerful human cognition, but incurs other … Continue reading

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Techniques and Environments for Big Data Analysis

Provides recent advances in the fields of big data analysis. The work presented in this book is a combination of theoretical advancements of big data analysis, cloud computing, and their potential applications in scientific computing. The theoretical advancements are supported … Continue reading

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Big Data: Principles and Best Practices of Scalable Real-time Data Systems

Web-scale applications like social networks, real-time analytics, or e-commerce sites deal with a lot of data, whose volume and velocity exceed the limits of traditional database systems. These applications require architectures built around clusters of machines to store and process … Continue reading

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Doing Data Science

Now that people are aware that data can make the difference in an election or a business model, data science as an occupation is gaining ground. But how can you get started working in a wide-ranging, interdisciplinary field that’s so … Continue reading

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Big and Open Data for the Common Good

New ways of capturing, sharing and analysing data have the potential to transform how community and voluntary sector organisations work and how social action happens. However, while analysing and using data is core to how some of the world’s fastest … Continue reading

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Synergies – Canada’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Infrastructure

Synergies : Canada’s SSH Research Infrastructure – A not-for-profit platform for the publication and the dissemination of research results in social sciences and humanities published in Canada. The Synergies is a national network for the production, storage, and access to … Continue reading

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Envisioning a system-wide learning analytics platform

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SKOSsy – generate Thesauri on the fly!

Imagine you could generate any thesaurus you would like for nearly any knowledge domain you can think of with quite a good quality! Sounds impossible? Reminds you of all the promises made by text mining software which generates “semantic nets” … Continue reading

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The End of Theory: The Data Deluge Makes the Scientific Method Obsolete

Read Scientists are trained to recognize that correlation is not causation, that no conclusions should be drawn simply on the basis of correlation between X and Y (it could just be a coincidence). Instead, you must understand the underlying mechanisms … Continue reading

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Culturomics 2.0: Forecasting large–scale human behavior using global news media tone in time and space

Read The emerging field of “Culturomics” seeks to explore broad cultural trends through the computerized analysis of vast digital book archives, offering novel insights into the functioning of human society. Yet, books represent the “digested history” of humanity,  written with … Continue reading

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