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Digital Democracy – The tools transforming political engagement

Democratic institutions today look much as they have done for decades, if not centuries. The Houses of Parliament, the US Congress, and some of the West’s oldest parliaments are largely untouched by successive waves of new technology. We still live in a … Continue reading

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Digital Social Innovation

We are setting up a network of organizations that use the Internet for the social good. Explore 1007 organizations with 633 collaborative research and innovation projects. “Digital Social Innovation is a type of collaborative innovation in which innovators, users, and … Continue reading

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Digital Citizenship – Exploring the Field of Tech for Engagement

Technology has infiltrated every aspect of our lives, changing how we work, how we learn and how we shop. The Internet and related tools already play critical roles, here’s how: They lower transaction costs for group formation and action. While … Continue reading

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Broadband, Social Networks, and Mobility Have Spawned a New Kind of Learner

Students are different today because of technology. Every educator knows this, of course, but this change is about much more than agile thumbs, shriveling attention spans, and OMG’d vocabularies. According the Pew Research Center, the combination of widespread access to … Continue reading

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Teaching and Modeling Good Digital Citizenship

Educators have lots of options in modeling good digital citizenship with projects they can embark upon with students. Somewhere between kids’ intuitive social savvy and their online behavior lies an opportunity for both parents and educators to teach responsible digital citizenship, … Continue reading

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