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The Flickering Mind: Saving Education from the False Promise of Technology

The Flickering Mind, by National Magazine Award winner Todd Oppenheimer, is a landmark account of the failure of technology to improve our schools and a call for renewed emphasis on what really works. Education faces an unusual moment of crisis. … Continue reading

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OpenEMIS – Open Source Education Management Information System

UNESCO launched a new version of OpenEMIS, a generic and open source Education Management Information System software package issued without conditions or restrictions for use by countries. Able to run offline on desktop computers or on the web and on … Continue reading

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Now You See It: How the Brain Science of Attention Will Transform the Way We Live, Work, and Learn

A brilliant combination of science and its real-world application, Now You See It sheds light on one of the greatest problems of our historical moment: our schools and businesses are designed for the last century, not for a world in … Continue reading

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Education Needs a Digital-Age Upgrade

The contemporary classroom, with its grades and deference to the clock, is an inheritance from the late 19th century. During that period of titanic change, machines suddenly needed to run on time. Individual workers needed to willingly perform discrete operations … Continue reading

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Google+ Communities in Education

Educators are flocking to Google+ for news and interaction, and many of them are joining communities in education. Whether you’re interested in educational technology, free online courses, or the future of learning, there’s something out there for you. Check out … Continue reading

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The World Is Open: How Web Technology Is Revolutionizing Education

Technological development and the Internet have opened up learning to the point where anyone can learn anything from anyone else at any time. To help explain this highly complex situation and its implications for education, both formal and informal, Curtis … Continue reading

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A radical manifesto for teaching computing

The biggest justification for change is not economic but moral. It is that if we don’t act now we will be short-changing our children. They live in a world that is shaped by physics, chemistry, biology and history, and so … Continue reading

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Education for a Digital World – Advice, Guidelines, and Effective Practice from Around the Globe

Education for a Digital World contains a comprehensive collection of proven strategies and tools for effective online teaching, based on the principles of learning as a social process. It offers practical, contemporary guidance to support e-learning decision-making, instructional choices, as … Continue reading

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A Selection of Education Apps

There are plenty of apps you can use in education. There are even apps created specifically for use in education. Apple has a whole category dedicated to education in the App store. But how do you really know which ones … Continue reading

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Toward Peeragogy

Here, in a continuing series, Howard Rheingold reflects on his ongoing experiment in high-end, peer-to-peer, global learning via the internet and social networks. The more I give my teacher-power to students and encourage them to take more responsibility for their … Continue reading

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