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The Crowdsourced Guide to Learning

In April 2015, FutureLearn invited people around the world to share their top study tips with us, to create The Crowdsourced Guide to Learning. We asked them why they start and continue to learn; how they organise their study and … Continue reading

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Cultivating Critical Thinking Through E-learning Environment and Tools – A Review

Critical thinking is one of the main goals of higher education to train dependant and reasonable thinker as an efficient citizenship in modern society. Researchers and instructors in the world attempt to assess the level of students’ critical thinking in … Continue reading

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E-Learning Generations

The theme I would like to explore today concerns the growth and development of our idea of online learning, or as it is sometimes called, e-learning. What I would like to do is to describe a series of ‘generations’ of … Continue reading

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Learning Reimagined: Participatory, Peer, Global, Online

This is a golden age for motivated self-learners, given the availability of open educational resources – from MIT’s OpenCourseWare, Wikipedia, Wikiversity, and YouTube EDU to the Khan Academy and Apple’s iTunes U, together with every possible online communication tool a … Continue reading

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The University of Wherever

Thrun’s ultimate mission is a virtual university in which the best professors broadcast their lectures to tens of thousands of students. Testing, peer interaction and grading would happen online; a cadre of teaching assistants would provide some human supervision; and … Continue reading

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Technology as a Passport to Personalized Education

How can we improve performance in education, while cutting costs at the same time? In 1984, Benjamin Bloom showed that individual tutoring had a huge advantage over standard lecture environments: The average tutored student performed better than 98 percent of … Continue reading

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Screen test for the online classroom

The Khan Academy website allows pupils to follow a structured course through a subject, with banks of videos and questions to answer, in a growing number of languages. It’s not a replacement for school or teachers, says Mr Sinha. And … Continue reading

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Learn It In 5 – Digital Classroom Strategies

At Learn it in 5, you’ll learn what is Web 2.0, and strategies for using Web 2.0 technology in the digital classroom – all in 5 minutes or less. Learn it in 5 is a powerful library of how-to videos, … Continue reading

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Investigación sobre la creación y diseño de Escenarios de Aprendizaje con TIC, bajo la responsabilidad del Aprendiz

Pretendemos investigar sobre la manera de poder llevar a cabo la enseñanza-aprendizaje a distancia, de una manera inclusiva y basada en el Usuario, donde el Sistema Educativo y de Formación tradicionales, en este caso del Elearning, sirva sólo cómo apoyo … Continue reading

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Articulate Rapid eLearning – E-Learning Software and Authoring Tools

With e-learning software tools that empower anyone to quickly and easily create engaging courses, presentations, quizzes, and surveys, everyone ends up looking good. At Articulate, our mission is simple. We make everyone involved in organizational e-learning — subject matter experts, … Continue reading

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