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The Internet Has Become the External Hard Drive for Our Memories

For millennia humans have relied on one another to recall the minutiae of our daily goings-on. Now we rely on “the cloud”—and it is changing how we perceive and remember the world around us. Remembering is traditionally a social enterprise. … Continue reading

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The Internet as Quantitative Social Science Platform

With the large-scale penetration of the internet, for the first time, humanity has become linked by a single, open, communications platform. Harnessing this fact, we report insights arising from a unified internet activity and location dataset of an unparalleled scope … Continue reading

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Searching for Lost Knowledge in the Age of Intelligent Machines

As search engines are radically reinvented, computers and people are becoming partners in exploration. “I’m absolutely convinced that knowledge is a big chain starting from … the neolithic times, even earlier, and reaching our times.” Scholars have long wrestled with … Continue reading

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The spreading of misinformation online

The wide availability of user-provided content in online social media facilitates the aggregation of people around common interests, worldviews, and narratives. However, the W3 also allows for the rapid dissemination of unsubstantiated rumors and conspiracy theories that often elicit rapid, … Continue reading

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Creating Internet Intelligence

Creating Internet Intelligence is an interdisciplinary treatise exploring the hypothesis that global computer and communication networks will one day evolve into an autonomous intelligent system, and making specific recommendations as to what engineers and scientists can do today to encourage … Continue reading

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The Brain in your Pocket: Smartphones used to Supplant Thinking

With the advent of Smartphone technology, access to the internet and its associated knowledge base is at one’s fingertips. What consequences does this have for human cognition? We frame Smartphone use as an instantiation of the extended mind—the notion that … Continue reading

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The Internet and Education

Thus, in many ways, talking about the Internet and education simply means talking about contemporary education. The Internet is already an integral element of education in (over)developed nations, and we can be certain that its worldwide educational significance will continue … Continue reading

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Distributed Computing fighting the World’s worst Health Issues

This past fall saw the worst Ebola outbreak ever ravage western Africa, and while medical researchers are trying to find a drug to treat or prevent the disease, the process is long and complicated. That’s because you don’t just snap … Continue reading

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The Brain Guide to Understand the Future Internet

What can the human brain and its relationship to the Internet tell us about our society, our technologies, and our businesses? A lot, as it turns out. The Internet today is a virtual replica of the brain, and the networks … Continue reading

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The Zero Marginal Cost Society

In The Zero Marginal Cost Society, New York Times bestselling author Jeremy Rifkin describes how the emerging Internet of Things is speeding us to an era of nearly free goods and services, precipitating the meteoric rise of a global Collaborative … Continue reading

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