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The Brain in your Pocket: Smartphones used to Supplant Thinking

With the advent of Smartphone technology, access to the internet and its associated knowledge base is at one’s fingertips. What consequences does this have for human cognition? We frame Smartphone use as an instantiation of the extended mind—the notion that … Continue reading

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Teens and Mobile Phones

Text messaging explodes as teens embrace it as the centerpiece of their communication strategies with friends. Cell phones are not just about calling or texting – with expanding functionality, phones have become multimedia recording devices and pocket-sized internet-connected computers. Cell … Continue reading

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Hyperconnected Education – the human network

When people connect, they begin to share. This happens automatically, an expression of the instinctive human desire to communicate matters of importance. Sharing, driven by need, amplified by technology, reaches every one of us, through our network of connections. We … Continue reading

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Why HP’s figures point to a post-PC era of tablets and wearable computing

Read Hewlett-Packard’s financial results showed falls in PC sales – but tablet owners are more likely to have bought a computer in the past two years. But Forrester says change is coming, and fast.

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Versatile Smartphone Dock Offers Three Functions

Read This unusual device functions as a cellphone dock, a Bluetooth speaker, and a Bluetooth handset that lets your cellphone act like a landline phone. Here’s our review. The Moshi Moshi04i Bluetooth Speaker-Handset by Native Union works with any Bluetooth-equipped … Continue reading

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