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From remote-controlled to Self-controlled Citizens

The digital revolution will make data abundant and cheap. Moving from a time of darkness into a digital age with information overload, we will need suitable filters. However, those who build these filters will determine what we see. This creates … Continue reading

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Creating Internet Intelligence

Creating Internet Intelligence is an interdisciplinary treatise exploring the hypothesis that global computer and communication networks will one day evolve into an autonomous intelligent system, and making specific recommendations as to what engineers and scientists can do today to encourage … Continue reading

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Connecting Multiple Intelligences through Open and Distance Learning

This theoretical essay is a learning approach reflexion on Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences and the possibilities provided by the education model known as open and distance learning. Open and distance learning can revolutionize traditional pedagogical practice, meeting the … Continue reading

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Web Intelligence

We aim to enable synergetic collaboration between people and between people and computers to enlighten them and enrich their lives. To achieve our mission, we develop scalable automatic content analysis methods and quality metrics to analyze a huge amount of … Continue reading

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Forecast 2020: Web 3.0+ and Collective Intelligence

The ancient Chinese curse or saying — “May you live in interesting times.” — is upon us. We are in the midst of a new revolution fueled by advancements in the Internet and technology. Currently, there is an abundance of … Continue reading

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