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Designing for Learning in an Open World

The Internet and associated technologies have been around for almost twenty years. Networked access and computer ownership are now the norm. There is a plethora of technologies that can be used to support learning, offering different ways in which learners … Continue reading

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Learning design – making practice explicit

New technologies have immense potential for learning, but the sheer variety possible also creates challenges for learners in terms of navigating through an increasingly complex digital landscape and for teachers in terms of how to design and support learning interventions. … Continue reading

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Learning Design Implementation for Distance e-Learning

This paper looks at how the educational design process changes with technology and provides a few examples of how modern tools and techniques are being used and implemented to design high quality (socio)-constructivist learning environments. It proposes an integrated model … Continue reading

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What will drive the expansion of design in digital higher ed?

When we move the locus of education from the classroom environment to the digital environment, we move the student experience to one in which design matters a great deal. Design, here, refers to the field of graphic design and industrial … Continue reading

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Educational Software and Learning – Subversive Use and Volatile Design

Read Discussions  about  the  use  of  information  and communications  technology (ICT)  based  learning environments often assume that use is defined, or at least severely constrained, by the inherent intentions of the designer.    However,  typical  uses  of  educational software  involve  a  … Continue reading

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33 Essential Resources for Developers & Designers

Read Below, we’ve assembled 33 of our favorite resources since January and separated them into three easily digestible lists: inspiration, design and development.

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Collaborative Design in Virtual Environments

Read Collaborative virtual environments (CVEs) are multi-user virtual realities which actively support communication and co-operation. This book offers a comprehensive reference volume to the state-of-the-art in the area of design studies in CVEs. It is an excellent mix of contributions … Continue reading

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