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Preparing for the Digital University

A review of the history and current state of distance, blended, and online learning. The articles presented in this report provide an overview of research literature in: • Distance education • Blended learning • Online learning • Credentialing • MOOC … Continue reading

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Effects of Social Networking in Distance Learning

The general aim of this study is to determine the effects of learning management systems supported by social networking sites on learners’ academic achievements in distance education. The data for the study, in which an experimental research design was used, … Continue reading

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The promise of open, distance and e-learning

Considering the promise of open, distance and e-learning – ODeL – we need to take cognisance of the high expectations that post-secondary school education will solve many current societal crises, such as unemployment and gross inequalities. Realising the potential of … Continue reading

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Motives for Lifelong Learners to Choose Web‐based Courses

Due to societal changes there is a growing need for distant and adult learning. The reason to participate in education and the choices that students make may differ. In this study the factors age, gender, rate of studies and parenthood … Continue reading

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Distance Education in Transition – Developments and Issues

In this book Distance Education in Transition. New Trends and Challenges, Professor Otto Peters makes a major contribution to this specific domain of knowledge.  The fundamental position that Professor Peters adopts is that in preparing our students for life in … Continue reading

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The Dance of Technology and Pedagogy in Self-Paced Distance Education

This paper describes the dance like relationship between pedagogy and technologies that creates distance education programming. Using a dance metaphor, the paper describes earlier generation of distance education and notes the evolving role of the self-paced learner as a focus … Continue reading

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Learning Design Implementation for Distance e-Learning

This paper looks at how the educational design process changes with technology and provides a few examples of how modern tools and techniques are being used and implemented to design high quality (socio)-constructivist learning environments. It proposes an integrated model … Continue reading

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Three generations of Technology enhanced Distance Education Pedagogy

This paper expands on an earlier work, Three generations of distance education pedagogy, by describing the technologies and the synergetic results of using effective pedagogy in combination with emerging technologies – to create powerful learning opportunities. Unlike earlier classifications of … Continue reading

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Applying the community of inquiry framework to an online professional practice doctoral program

The community of inquiry (CoI) framework has commonly been used to study teaching and learning in online courses. This paper describes the implementation of the CoI framework in a cohort-based online EdD program, where teaching presence and cognitive presence were … Continue reading

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Distance students’ readiness for social media and collaboration

In recent years, there has been a rapid growth in the use of social networking tools and social media in general, mainly for social, recreational, and entertainment purposes. Many educators believe that these tools offer new educational affordances and avenues … Continue reading

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