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A Framework for Research on Education With Technology

Educational software offers the potential for greatly enhanced student learning. The current availability and political will for trying new approaches mean that there is currently much interest in and expenditure on technology for education. After reviewing some of the relevant … Continue reading

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100 Education Hashtags for Teachers and EdLeaders

So you’ve decided to start developing your Personal Learning Network (PLN). You’ve created a Twitter account and started following all the key voices in education. Now how do you start getting involved on a deeper level? Hashtags. When used properly, … Continue reading

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Wikipedia in Education: Acculturation and Learning in Virtual Communities

The present study investigates on the learning impact of utilizing Wikipedia’s community in education. Today, many instructors assign their students editing Wikipedia’s articles as part of their coursework. Participation in a cyber-community during an educational assignment exposes students to a … Continue reading

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The Internet and Education

Thus, in many ways, talking about the Internet and education simply means talking about contemporary education. The Internet is already an integral element of education in (over)developed nations, and we can be certain that its worldwide educational significance will continue … Continue reading

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Flipped MOOCs to boost Education

The Ministry of Education recently announced that it would provide the online courses in Korea in a MOOC format, combining them with lectures conducted on-site. Minister of Education Hwang Woo-yea proposed the idea at a cabinet meeting on Feb. 3, … Continue reading

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Students’ Learning with Effective Learning Techniques – New directions from Cognitive and Educational Psychology

Many students are being left behind by an educational system that some people believe is in crisis. Improving educational outcomes will require efforts on many fronts, but a central premise of this monograph is that one part of a solution … Continue reading

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The War on Learning: Gaining Ground in the Digital University

Behind the lectern stands the professor, deploying course management systems, online quizzes, wireless clickers, PowerPoint slides, podcasts, and plagiarism-detection software. In the seats are the students, armed with smartphones, laptops, tablets, music players, and social networking. Although these two forces … Continue reading

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The Internet and Education

The educational impact of the Internet is not straightforward. At a rudimentary level, it is important to remember that well over half the world’s population has no direct experience of using the Internet at all. While this is likely to … Continue reading

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What sort of “open” do you want?

There may have been a time when it was, when all the forms of openness blended easily into one indistinguishable lump, but that’s not the case now. Not only are there different aspects of openness, but I’m beginning to feel … Continue reading

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The Flickering Mind: Saving Education from the False Promise of Technology

The Flickering Mind, by National Magazine Award winner Todd Oppenheimer, is a landmark account of the failure of technology to improve our schools and a call for renewed emphasis on what really works. Education faces an unusual moment of crisis. … Continue reading

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