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What’s Our Vision for the Future of Learning?

Educational institutions have to grasp that having enjoyed an historic monopoly as the go-to-guys for learning doesn’t mean they always will. As we gained control of our listening with the arrival of the mp3, so we will increasingly gain control … Continue reading

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How Global Is the Internet? Reflections on Economic, Cultural, and Political Dimensions of the Networked “Global Village”

Rather than having sparked off a revolution in international communication, the Internet is a technology on the basis of which a global culture may unfold and become established in evolutionary fashion – in a process that may extend over many … Continue reading

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Some Ways Technology may Change the World by 2020

Six years isn’t that long, but the rapid pace of innovation means everything–from education to health care to the Internet itself–could look a lot different by then. How will technology change life by the end of the decade? That’s the … Continue reading

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Which technologies will have the biggest impact by 2025?

Which five futuristic technologies are likely to have the biggest impact by 2025? And what can people start doing, from today, to prepare for the changes and to ensure positive outcomes? This London Futurists Hangout on Air features a live … Continue reading

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