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The New Mobile Learning Landscape

Only a few years ago mobile was thought to be a realm solely populated by Millennials. But this is rapidly changing, and the new mobile landscape is ripe for application across all demographics. Millennials, those ages 18-34, only a few … Continue reading

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The Future of Mobile Learning

This paper is part of the UNESCO Working Paper Series on Mobile Learning. The Series seeks to better understand how mobile technologies can be used to improve educational access, equity and quality around the world. It comprises fourteen individual papers … Continue reading

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Mobile phones as a social means of education

Mobile phones can be used in education just as computers can. They can for instance serve as social tools that pupils use to develop one another’s projects. Mobile phone games can also enhance learning. Finnish schools have started using mobile … Continue reading

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L’Apprentissage Mobile et les Politiques – UNESCO

L’apprentissage mobile n’est pas une nouveauté mais ce n’est que ces dernières années qu’il a suscité un intérêt soutenu chez les éducateurs, les gouvernements et les entités commerciales. Des milliards de gens utilisent les appareils mobiles pour communiquer ou à … Continue reading

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Mobile learning – Delivering Web to Mobile

This report is intended to help staff of UK education institutions, involved in the development of content, gain an understanding of the emerging approaches to delivering services and content for mobile devices using the Web. The use of mobile devices … Continue reading

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The Future of Mobile Learning

This bulletin provides an overview of the current state of mobile learning in higher education, speculates on future directions, and suggests questions that educators might ask of themselves and their institutions in preparation for the onset of mobile education. Ignoring … Continue reading

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Using mLearning and MOOCs to understand chaos, emergence, and complexity in education

In this paper, we look at how the massive open online course (MOOC) format developed by connectivist researchers and enthusiasts can help analyze the complexity, emergence, and chaos at work in the field of education today. We do this through … Continue reading

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Hyperconnected Education – the human network

When people connect, they begin to share. This happens automatically, an expression of the instinctive human desire to communicate matters of importance. Sharing, driven by need, amplified by technology, reaches every one of us, through our network of connections. We … Continue reading

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Eventually Tablets will Facilitate more Personalized and Interactive Learning

Read Tablets offer a number of advantages for education in comparison to laptops or netbooks. First, their lighter weight and orientational flexibility makes them far superior for digital reading or accessing of content. Second, their instant-on capability and fast switching … Continue reading

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How new Internet standards will deliver a mobile revolution

Read As the Web experience evolves, smartphones may soon live up to their name, and every business’s mobile strategy will grow in importance. An arcane-sounding change with potentially significant implications for consumers and businesses is under way on the Web: … Continue reading

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