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The Crowdsourced Guide to Learning

In April 2015, FutureLearn invited people around the world to share their top study tips with us, to create The Crowdsourced Guide to Learning. We asked them why they start and continue to learn; how they organise their study and … Continue reading

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Quality Models in Online and Open Education around the Globe

The global Higher Educational landscape is in a period of dramatic change. Although it is too early to say whether these changes will be disruptive, revolutionary or merely evolutionary, a significant driver of change has been the dramatic rise in … Continue reading

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Online by Design: The Essentials of Creating Information Literacy Courses

As more and more academic libraries consider offering online credit courses or converting face-to-face courses to online, instructional librarians need to quickly get up to speed about online course design and delivery. Even the most seasoned instruction librarian may be … Continue reading

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Online university courses can’t change the world alone

They promise equality of access to higher learning, but online courses will only succeed with better general education in place first, say two educationalists.  Proponents have made bold claims for a fundamental change in higher education – drastically decreasing price … Continue reading

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OER University

The OER university (OERu): aims to widen access and reduce the cost of tertiary study for learners who are excluded from the formal education sector; is an international innovation partnership of accredited universities, colleges and polytechnics coordinated by the OER … Continue reading

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Don’t Call It a Course – Learning experience

As ed tech companies and universities search for the most effective way to teach students online, some have found the term “course” no longer captures what it means to pursue an education. Enter the “learning experience” — a term being … Continue reading

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A Guide to Quality in Online Learning

The concept of quality in online learning is as complex as the reality of online learning itself. There is a vast literature on quality in higher education, with a profusion of terms and concepts. It often identifies a tension between … Continue reading

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OPEN2STUDY – Free Online Study for Everyone

The courses at Open2Study are free – and we mean completely free! There are no fees or admin charges, no textbooks or materials to buy and absolutely no hidden costs. All of our courses are available to everyone – whether … Continue reading

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Countries Leading in Online Education

Online education is quickly becoming a major phenomenon around the world. The ease and convenience it offers learners appeal to people just about everywhere, especially those who are trying to balance work, family, and other obligations with completing a degree … Continue reading

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Could online courses be the death of the humanities?

A world where online learning is generalised and ends up replacing other education delivery modes could seriously impact the original purpose of a university. The development of online courses in lieu of university-based teaching also poses a more practical problem … Continue reading

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