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Openness and Praxis: Exploring the Use of Open Educational Practices in Higher Education

Open educational practices (OEP) is a broad descriptor of practices that include the creation, use, and reuse of open educational resources (OER) as well as open pedagogies and open sharing of teaching practices. As compared with OER, there has been … Continue reading

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Opportunities and Threats of the MOOC Movement for Higher Education

The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) movement is the latest ‘big thing’ in Open and Distance Learning (ODL) which threatens to transform Higher Education. Both opportunities and threats are extensively discussed in literature, comprising issues on opening up education for … Continue reading

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The promise of open, distance and e-learning

Considering the promise of open, distance and e-learning – ODeL – we need to take cognisance of the high expectations that post-secondary school education will solve many current societal crises, such as unemployment and gross inequalities. Realising the potential of … Continue reading

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Coursefork: a new way to collaborate on open education

Coursefork is a platform for open-sourcing and collaborating on educational material. We’ve built a way to upload course material, allow others to create copies, modify them for their own use, and share their improvements both back “upstream” and to the … Continue reading

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OPEN2STUDY – Free Online Study for Everyone

The courses at Open2Study are free – and we mean completely free! There are no fees or admin charges, no textbooks or materials to buy and absolutely no hidden costs. All of our courses are available to everyone – whether … Continue reading

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Open Education: OER, OCW and MOOCs

The potential of ICT for modernisation of education and training has become a key priority for the European Union. In its Communication on Opening Up Education, the European Commission proposes actions at EU and national levels to “support the development … Continue reading

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Open Education Europa

The European Commission launched Open Education Europa in September 2013 as part of the Opening Up Education initiative to provide a single gateway to European OER. This portal is grounded on the basis of the elearningeuropa.info portal, active since 2002 to support the transformation of … Continue reading

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At FutureLearn, we want to inspire learning for life. We offer a diverse selection of free, high quality online courses from some of the world’s leading universities and other outstanding cultural institutions. Our aim is to connect learners from all … Continue reading

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MOOCs and Open Education: Implications for Higher Education

This report sets out to help decision makers in higher education institutions gain a better understanding of the phenomenon of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) and trends towards greater openness in higher education and to think about the implications for … Continue reading

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Opening Education Beyond the Property Relation

Open Education, and specifically the OER movement, seeks to provide universal access to knowledge, undermining the historical enclosure and the increasing privatisation of the public education system. In this paper we examine this aspiration by submitting the implicit theoretical assumptions … Continue reading

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