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Opportunities and Threats of the MOOC Movement for Higher Education

The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) movement is the latest ‘big thing’ in Open and Distance Learning (ODL) which threatens to transform Higher Education. Both opportunities and threats are extensively discussed in literature, comprising issues on opening up education for … Continue reading

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What’s Our Vision for the Future of Learning?

Educational institutions have to grasp that having enjoyed an historic monopoly as the go-to-guys for learning doesn’t mean they always will. As we gained control of our listening with the arrival of the mp3, so we will increasingly gain control … Continue reading

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Mentored Open Online Courses

Leuphana University bundles all its online learning activities in one institution: Leuphana Digital School. With its unique didactical concept – consisting of scholars, mentors and tutors working hand in hand with a peer-based learning approach supported by a sophisticated online … Continue reading

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Massively Open Online Courses – the Death of Universities?

Read Great focus for a flash debate! I think these new open courses represent a real treat to traditional educational offerings – in a world where content and expertise is free what is the role of traditional educational institutions?  Perhaps … Continue reading

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