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Free and open source education materials for children and teens

What I have discovered since exploring open source materials for children and teens is astonishing. The amount of open source materials is simply breathtaking. Every day more and more open source materials become available and accessible to all. The first … Continue reading

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Coursefork: a new way to collaborate on open education

Coursefork is a platform for open-sourcing and collaborating on educational material. We’ve built a way to upload course material, allow others to create copies, modify them for their own use, and share their improvements both back “upstream” and to the … Continue reading

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The Power of Open

The Power of Open collects the stories of many creators. Some are like ProPublica,  a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative news organization that uses CC while partnering with the world’s largest media companies. Others like nomadic filmmaker Vincent Moon use CC licensing … Continue reading

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Understanding Open Source Communities – An organizational perspective

How is it possible that volunteers from all over the world, who might never see each other in real life and who have different backgrounds and interests, are able to create complex software? This question remained in my mind throughout … Continue reading

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Better Than Owning

Access is so superior to ownership, or possession, that it will drive the emerging intangible economy. The chief holdup to full-scale conversion from ownership to omni-access is the issue of modification and control. In traditional property regimes only owners have … Continue reading

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In an Open-Source Society – Creativity and Innovation

The Internet isn’t really a technology. It’s a belief system, a philosophy about the effectiveness of decentralized, bottom-up innovation. And it’s a philosophy that has begun to change how we think about creativity itself. This technical strategy has led to … Continue reading

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The Case For Making Online Textbooks Open Source

Read As companies compete to digitize the textbook market, there is one approach that shakes the traditional publishing business model: open source textbooks, whose proponents believe online educational tomes should be free.

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