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College transformed

Higher education leaders today confront a bevy of criticisms ranging from worsening affordability persistent socioeconomic disparities to a lack of relevance in the ever-changing economy. Institutions by internal challenges and external pressures. Business models are cracking under enormous pressure appropriations decline and … Continue reading

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A New Pedagogy is Emerging … and Online Learning is a Key Contributing Factor

There are several separate factors at work here. The first is the continuing development of new knowledge, making it difficult to compress all that learners need to know within the limited time span of a post-secondary course or program. This … Continue reading

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Exploring Curation as a core Competency in Digital and Media Literacy Education

In today’s hypermedia landscape, youth and young adults are increasingly using social media platforms, online aggregators and mobile applications for daily information use.  Communication educators, armed with a host of free, easy-to-use online tools, have the ability to create dynamic … Continue reading

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The Future of Ubiquitous Learning: Learning Designs for Emerging Pedagogies

This book explores emerging pedagogical perspectives based on the design of new learning spaces supported by digital technologies and brings together some of the best research in this field. The book is divided into three themes: foundations of emerging pedagogies, … Continue reading

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Evaluating Pedagogical Practices in MOOCs

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) have become a prominent feature of the higher education discourse in recent years. Yet, little is known about the effectiveness of these online courses in engaging participants in the learning process. This study explores the … Continue reading

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Synchronous Web Conferencing – Towards a Pedagogical model for Effective Learning

Pedagogy supported by synchronous web conferencing is the topic of this research study. While pedagogy for asynchronous online learning has been widely studied, there is little literature on a coherent pedagogical model that guides teaching and learning practices in a … Continue reading

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The Dance of Technology and Pedagogy in Self-Paced Distance Education

This paper describes the dance like relationship between pedagogy and technologies that creates distance education programming. Using a dance metaphor, the paper describes earlier generation of distance education and notes the evolving role of the self-paced learner as a focus … Continue reading

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Three generations of Technology enhanced Distance Education Pedagogy

This paper expands on an earlier work, Three generations of distance education pedagogy, by describing the technologies and the synergetic results of using effective pedagogy in combination with emerging technologies – to create powerful learning opportunities. Unlike earlier classifications of … Continue reading

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More pedagogic change in 10 years than last 1000 years – all driven by 10 technology innovations

Pedagogy – one of those words that’s used when people want to sound all academic. So let’s just call it learning practice. Of one thing we can be sure; teaching does not seem to have changed much in the last … Continue reading

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12 signos que estás en un aula del siglo XXI

Realmente en mis días de colegio e incluso universitarios, nunca experimenté un proyecto de aula como éste, pero quizás van siendo más comunes en los centros educativos de España gracias a metodologías educativas innovadoras que aprovechan las TIC. Sin duda, … Continue reading

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