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Intelligence in the Twitter Age

Intelligence may have a bright future. Advances in imagery and signals processing technology mean that intelligence agencies can deliver remarkably accurate and timely intelligence to civilian officials and military commanders. However much leaders gripe about intelligence, few are likely to disregard such fine-grained information … Continue reading

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100 Education Hashtags for Teachers and EdLeaders

So you’ve decided to start developing your Personal Learning Network (PLN). You’ve created a Twitter account and started following all the key voices in education. Now how do you start getting involved on a deeper level? Hashtags. When used properly, … Continue reading

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Twitter: Expanding tweets to 10,000? Not nearly radical enough

Twitter’s economic crisis reflects the crisis in our public sphere. New technologies are often accompanied by a certain fetishism, that either celebrates it as a technological fix to all society’s ills, or demonises it as bringing about the end of … Continue reading

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Enhancing Your Organization’s Collective Intelligence Using Twitter

Here’s how you can use Twitter to enhance your organization’s collective intelligence. Getting set up: First, you’re going to need a Twitter account (obviously). Set up an account as you typically would, but I recommend adjusting your privacy settings to … Continue reading

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Twitter for Teachers

Twitter may have started off as a fun social media site for keeping up with friends and sharing updates about daily life, but it’s become much more than that for many users over the past few years as the site … Continue reading

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Use of Twitter to Improve Professional Development

Although LinkedIn gets a lot of love as a professional social media site, Twitter is a force that can’t be ignored by up-and-coming young professionals. It’s a great place to get connected and informed, and an especially good resource for … Continue reading

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Twitter Hashtags for Teachers

Hashtag is a great way for users to get a tweet to appear in search results and discussion threads. An example of a hashtag is #edtech that is used by thousands of educators all around the world. People following this … Continue reading

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As Banks Start Nosing Around Facebook and Twitter, the Wrong Friends Might Just Sink Your Credit

A new wave of startups is working on algorithms gathering data for banks from the web of associations on the internet known as “the social graph,” in which people are “nodes” connected to each other by “edges.” Banks are already … Continue reading

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Twitter For Good

Twitter is a powerful communications tool, but figuring out the best way to use it can be somewhat of a mystery. Twitter mastery can be especially daunting for nonprofits and other cause-based organizations, whose staffs have heard that Twitter can … Continue reading

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The A-Z Dictionary of Educational Twitter Hashtags

Read The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keyword or topic in a Tweet. Any Twitter user can categorize or follow topics with hashtags.Those hashtags (usually) mean something and are a great way to get a tweet … Continue reading

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