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Introducing the OERu – and some questions

I’ve been following the development (at a distance) of the OERu, and here’s my understanding of what it’s trying to do. The OERu (the Open Educational Resources University) aims to provide a route to formal accreditation through study of free … Continue reading

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Open Educational Resources and the Role of the University

Read Open Educational Resources (OER) have become an unstoppable development since MIT started publishing educational resources online as OpenCourseWare (OCW) in 2001. Four years ago, the OCW Consortium was founded, and more that 250 institutions have since joined. The OCW … Continue reading

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Beyond idealism: university-level training in free technology

Read “Software, technology, knowledge and culture should be free!” summarizes the battle cry of the activists of “free”. It’s only by by putting free technology in the hands of free and empowered people that one can achieve wider freedom in … Continue reading

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Reconstructing the university: worldwide shifts in academia in the 20th century

Read Current conversations on the state of academia contain a broad sense of crisis over changes in the body of university knowledge—the decline of literature, the unbridling of ethnic studies, the growth of various applied programs, and so on. Much … Continue reading

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ePortfolios across University

Read Even with backers among the faculty, e-portfolio initiatives can be slow to take hold across university and college campuses. What does it take to encourage adoption? One professor who’s championing a faculty-driven e-portfolio initiative at the University of Cincinnati … Continue reading

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