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Psycho-Social Aspects of Learning in MOOC Courses

Recent researchers emphasize the need for Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) designers and instructors to consider the impact of MOOCs on psycho-social aspects of participant learning and behavior in today’s 24/7, mobile environment. This article examines research findings related to the skill … Continue reading

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How Video Production Affects Student Engagement

Videos are a widely-used kind of resource for online learning. This paper presents an empirical study of how video production decisions affect student engagement in online educational videos. To our knowledge, ours is the largest-scale study of video engagement to date, using data from … Continue reading

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Preparing for the Digital University

A review of the history and current state of distance, blended, and online learning. The articles presented in this report provide an overview of research literature in: • Distance education • Blended learning • Online learning • Credentialing • MOOC … Continue reading

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Opportunities and Threats of the MOOC Movement for Higher Education

The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) movement is the latest ‘big thing’ in Open and Distance Learning (ODL) which threatens to transform Higher Education. Both opportunities and threats are extensively discussed in literature, comprising issues on opening up education for … Continue reading

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Evaluating Pedagogical Practices in MOOCs

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) have become a prominent feature of the higher education discourse in recent years. Yet, little is known about the effectiveness of these online courses in engaging participants in the learning process. This study explores the … Continue reading

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Accreditation of MOOCs

Higher education institutions face conflicting challenges; they must equip students with up-to-date knowledge in fields in which knowledge is constantly being renewed, while they also need to guide students to examine reality through broad-based observation and consider different scientific disciplines. … Continue reading

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Emotional Affordance of a MOOC

This exploratory study examines emotional affordance of a MOOC. Postings in a discussion forum of a MOOC in computer science are analysed following a research design informed by virtual ethnography. Emotional affordance is investigated, focusing on non-achievement emotions which are … Continue reading

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Flipped MOOCs to boost Education

The Ministry of Education recently announced that it would provide the online courses in Korea in a MOOC format, combining them with lectures conducted on-site. Minister of Education Hwang Woo-yea proposed the idea at a cabinet meeting on Feb. 3, … Continue reading

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Some recent Books on MOOCs

1. MOOCs In this volume Jonathan Haber offers an account of MOOCs that avoids both hype and doomsaying. Instead, he provides an engaging, straightforward explanation of a rare phenomenon: an education innovation that captures the imagination of the public while … Continue reading

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Mentored Open Online Courses

Leuphana University bundles all its online learning activities in one institution: Leuphana Digital School. With its unique didactical concept – consisting of scholars, mentors and tutors working hand in hand with a peer-based learning approach supported by a sophisticated online … Continue reading

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